Research philosophy

To undertake digital research correctly, it is not enough to attempt to modify techniques used in traditional research. It requires a completely new approach, all the time being mindful of the constraints of a tablet or mobile screen.

Rather than ask many questions of few people, we ask few questions of many people, using research designs that extract the maximum amount of information in the minimum interview time. By keeping our interviews short, we keep respondents in System 1 thinking ( as in Daniel Kahnemann’s “ Thinking, Fast and Slow “), which is the mode most people are in when making brand choices.

We act on the premise that human behavior is not rational. Many research designs assume the opposite, resulting in research results that are invalid. The principles of behavioural economics feed directly into our approach to measuring differentiation, identifying drivers, measuring price elasticity, and better understanding consumer behaviour.

Our experience over the years of analyzing the data from millions of interviews, as well as insights gained from an ambitious research-into-research program, has given us experience in digital research design that would be hard to equal globally.

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